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Smokin’ Orangutan

In 2011, visitors to Johor zoo, Malaysia were shocked to see a 25-year-old orangutan named Shirley display a disturbing habit – SMOKING! She even compete with her cage-mate, Abu for cigarette butts thrown by tourists.

Today,  Kori  a  18-year-old orangutan in Indonesia zoo become star attraction as visitors are flocking to the zoo to watch him up close – even throwing lit cigarettes to him.

I wonder, where is the zoo authority? Zoo is public place and visitor shouldn’t be allow to smoke on the premises in the first place, let alone throw things inside the cage. What’s the point to put them in captivity if we do more harm than good??

I think zoos are not practical any more. If you want to see an animals, just google it. Want to see how they move – watch it on youtube.


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